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Family Fun Day

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Have you been featured? Take a look and see how happy we all were over Family Fun Day 2022


Springfield Community Association, in partnership with North Tyneside Council, hosted the annual

Family Fun Day on

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Friday 28th July | 11am - 2pm

We were in the

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Springfield Park logo DONE.png


springfield community centre logo.png
Craft Table sign  generic.png
Tombola sign  halloween (5).png
Guess The Name sign  generic (3).png
Tombola sign  halloween (6).png
Glitter Tattoos sign  generic (1).png
Raffle sign (1).png
Icing Biscuits sign  halloween (3).png


Springfield Park logo DONE.png
Family Fun Day - activity banner - springfield activities (3).png
Disc Golf sign  RR - generic (2).png
Knock Down Cans sign  generic (4).png
Knock Down Cans sign  generic (3).png
Hook a Duck sign  HH Easter (1).png
Whats Going On sign - FFD (1).png
Fire and police sign  generic - FFD 2023 (1).png
Art For All Poster (3).png
Balloon Modelling sign  FFD 2023.png


If you would like to give us some feedback on the event, we would really appreciate it. Please use the contact details below :

If you prefer, why not use our handy contact form using the link below :

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