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Keeping It Simple

We have created 3 handy guides so that you have everything you need to play disc golf at Springfield Park. Click the banners below to download an easy, step by step PDF.

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3rd guide coming soon...

Disc Golf @ Springfield Park

Springfield Community Association is run by volunteers so in order to hire the disc golf target/s and discs, you need to contact us and organise a time to meet so that we can supply you with what you need.


There will be times when RickRick is available as the rep on the day but it won't always be possible. However, he has supplied us with a handy handout that includes everything you will need :

a course template, hints n tips, special freestyle shots to try for fun and safety info.


After you've finished having fun, simply meet one of our reps back at the community centre to return the equipment.

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7 Days 9am until Sunset

Please remember, this is a FREE ACTIVITY for the community but don't be shy, we are a charity after all and donations are always welcome

What is Disc Golf ?

Disc Golf is one of the worlds fastest growing sports with 13000+ courses worldwide, most of which are open to the public and completely FREE TO PLAY.

It is very similar to traditional golf except instead of a ball and a hole you have discs and a basket. The goal is to get the disc to land in the disc catching basket.

How Is It Played ?

A typical round of disc golf will be 18 holes/baskets each being 60-80m in length and played as a par 3 :

meaning the goal is to get the disc to land in the basket in 3 throws or fewer.


A round can last anywhere from 60-90mins depending on your pace of play and

the winner is the person with the lowest score.

Best Way To Get Started



The app, UFrolf, has a global course directory. Click the logo below to find a course near you


Why not download the app to

record your scores like a pro ?

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We recommend speaking to our very own professional disc golfer, RickRick, as he can advice what to buy that will work for YOU. Then he'll send you a link to a UK retailer that has the best, cheapest deal.


Why not test some out at Springfield Park as we have a healthy stack to choose from ?

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Now you have everything you need, GO PLAY !

Make sure to tag @springfieldcommunity on Instagram when you are playing in Springfield Park

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