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Newcastle Disc Golf Club

Springfield Community Association is the proud home of Newcastle Disc Golf Club and boasts a brilliant family friendly disc golf course in Springfield Park,

right next to the community centre, in Forest Hall

The club was founded in 2019 by RickRick & Sam Banner, who were locals to the park. After playing hundreds of social rounds with various people over the years and ultimately hosting an event with the Springfield board members n Co., Disc Golf was adopted as a full time activity at the community centre, collaborating with loads of annual events.


The sport has been available, for free, for over 2 years, as we had portable targets and discs for hire. Players could design there own course then just bring back the equipment when they finished having fun. It worked very well, but the intention was to always install a permanent free course in the park.

On Thursday 20th July 2023, Springfield Disc Golf Course was born !

Springfield Park has 4 permanent baskets in the ground, along with a welcome sign/course map on the side of the community centre, next to the "practice basket"

The other 3 holes have tee signs to show you where to throw from, to take you around the 3 hole design. Each hole is a Par 3, meaning 3 throws is the objective. They are all family friendly distances but remember, practice makes perfect.

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What is Disc Golf ?

Disc Golf is one of the worlds fastest growing sports with 13000+ courses worldwide, most of which are open to the public and completely FREE TO PLAY.

It is very similar to traditional golf except instead of a ball and a hole you have discs and a basket. The goal is to get the disc to land in the disc catching basket.

How Is It Played ?

A typical round of disc golf will be 18 holes/baskets each being 60-80m in length and played as a par 3 :

meaning the goal is to get the disc to land in the basket in 3 throws or fewer.


A round can last anywhere from 60-90mins depending on your pace of play and

the winner is the person with the lowest score.

Handy Docs

Springfield Disc Golf Course

Springfield Park has 4 permanent baskets that make up a 3 hole family friendly course and a practice green.

This course is FREE TO PLAY all year round. You can either bring your own disc/s or borrow one from the community centre via RickRick or Stuart. Please use the numbers below, meet at the centre, have fun then bring back your disc :

Course Map

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Springfield DG welcome sign (10).png


If you would like to score your round, you can use an app called, 


Search for Springfield Disc Golf Course or click the logo above

Helpful Information

We have created 2 handy guides so that you have everything you need to play disc golf at Springfield Park. Click the banners below to download an easy, step by step PDF.

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Safety & How to Play pdf.png
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