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Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Party 2023

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Halloween Gallery


Have you been featured? Take a look and see how happy we all were over Halloween 2023


Springfield Community Association are hosted the annual

Halloween Party at Springfield on

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Saturday 28th October | 1 - 3pm

It took place in the

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Event Information

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Bobbin for apples sign  halloween (2).png
Bouncy Castle  halloween (2).png
Cake Stall sign (2).png
Icing Biscuits sign  halloween (5).png
Photo Boot sign  halloween (3).png
Glitter Tattoos sign  generic (5).png
Kids Zone sign  halloween (1).png
disc golf sign  halloween 2023 (1).png
Guess the name sign  halloween 2023 (1).png
Raffle sign - halloween 2023.png
Raffle sign - halloween 2023  ADULTS.png

Want to see how much fun we had last year? Check out our Halloween 2022 page :

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